To help farmers maximize yield, we at Be-Grow are proud to offer a plant-stimulant hydrogel for higher plant productivity. Be-Grow Boost products fit perfectly to your seeding processes and farming equipment.

For rangers working on reforestation projects, Be-Grow Boost M Forest Gel technology is the preferred choice to ensure that small trees grow quickly and survive despite climate change.

Our Vision

Imagine if there was a product that helped to increase yield and strengthen plants, without high investments in technology or changing the way you farm, which don’t damage our valuable soil, is affordable and is suitable for both small holder and professional farmers.

At Be-Grow we turn this vision into reality.

By using our plant-stimulant hydrogel with the ion-pump technology supported with our proprietary knowledge of the best application, you activate healthy soil to produce consistently high yields. Be-Grow Boost products provide you with additional resilience against extreme weather events in the future.

Our products

Be-Grow Boost L

Easy-to-apply solution for farmers

  • Demonstrated in more than a hundred field trials over 10 years worldwide, together with our partners.
  • Applied with standard farming equipment.
  • Up to 50% additional yield, for a minimal investment and attractive no risk payback.

Be-Grow Boost M

Highly effective solution customized for horticulture and nursery application

  • Fine white powder, that is easy to handle and premix with soil prior to potting.
  • Vitalized plants that are more robust against abiotic stress.

Be-Grow Boost M Forest Gel

Plant-Stimulant for sustainable reforestation and wood cultivation

  • Particulary suitable for nurseries and forestry companies to reduce the transplant shock.
  • For stong roots and trees.
  • Expansion of the plant window possible.

Which further crops are suitable for Be-Grow Boost products?
While for many crops our customized products show substantial increases in harvest, some crops do not show sufficient additional yield results. If you have questions, please ask our Be-Grow experts about your preferred crops for insights and suggestions.

How can I order Be-Grow products?
Currently, Be-Grow Boost products are only available for professional growers. We are collaborating with distributors worldwide to provide both our products and the best service. Please send an email to get in contact with our Be-Grow team.

Are Be-Grow products sustainable?
Long term field studies by our experts and scientists show that over time our products are completely incorporated into the humic acid composition of the soil. It will be degraded by soil microbes through mineralization and becomes part of soil organic matter over 8-10 years, much like wood and leaves, to strengthen the soil structure.

Be-Grow is orienting its business activities in the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We at Be-Grow doing our best to support the UN SDGs.

SDG 2: We support cooperatives, but also smallholder farmers to increase food production even in extreme dry areas.

SDG 9: We promote industrialization of agriculture by higher yield levels with Be-Grow Boost L technology, help to build up technology knowledge and capabilities especially in developing countries by sharing our technology knowledge with local partners which build up a local workforce.

SDG 10: With our affordable technology we support increase income growth in agriculture especially in developing countries.

SDG 12: Using Be-Grow Boost technology for farming allows remarkable reduce the water and fertilizer used in agriculture.

SDG 13: Be-Grow Boost M Forest Gel support reforestation projects to fight climate change on a global level.

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