For growers looking to maximize yield, Be-Grow offers a performance additive for soil that enables higher quality fruit for crops typically affected by abiotic stress. Be-Grow products fit perfectly to your seeding processes and farming equipment.

Which crops are suitable for Be-Grow products?
Tomato growers achieved the highest additional yield – up to 50% more – for a minimal investment.

How can I order Be-Grow products?
We are establishing our global supply network. For further details please contact us directly: info@be-grow.com

Are Be-Grow products sustainable?

Studies showed that over time our products are completely incorporated into the humic acid composition of the soil.
During the first month approximately 15 – 25 % of our soil additive  biodegrades. The remainder will be completely incorporated over the next 8-10 years, like wood and leaves, to strengthen the soil structure.